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We live in an era of multi-transitions in all areas of life and business, but most of them are uncomfortable.

21st Century Essentials is a digital guide for personal empowerment to help you climb the ladder of ‘Life’ successfully.

  • Ambitions 80% 80%
  • Fears 20% 20%
  • Elegance 90% 90%
  • Authority 85% 85%


Angelo has been an enthusiast of everything digital for a long time and is now eager to share his passion with you via 21st Century Essentials website.

Angelo Licciardello


Tasos is an essential products fan and spends much of his time researching new stuff online. An adventurer by nature will trade anything for quality time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis, Contributor

Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur, Web Market Support

Notice from Founder

Angelo Licciardello

Angelo has been an enthusiast of everything digital for a long time and is now eager to share his passion with you via the 21st Century Essentials site.

Fusing the magic of the digital world into our personal experiences 21st Century Essentials’ software, hardware and gadgets can enrich our lives in amazing ways, adding computer vision to our physical eyes, artificial intelligence capability to our brain, digital dexterity and powers to our bodies!

Ubiquitous devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops already provide the basis for developing creative Augmented Reality experiences, well beyond Virtual Reality video games. Every enthusiast can now contribute to the development of this amazing technology, via those now common devices and other more sophisticated ones.

The aim of this platform is to share the latest and most reliable information and the newest discoveries in the field; as well as to provide a safe place where to buy this interactive technology items, knowing that the products recommended here have been road-tested by experts.

Feel free to join the conversation; I am always keen to meet other enthusiasts.

Cheers From Sunny Australia, Angelo Licciardello