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I often get asked what is my best productivity hack. People want to accomplish more in their everyday life and that’s perfectly fine. Business owners, managers, educators, freelancers. But what I see is that the majority of people very often take productivity as rocket science.

For me, it comes down to simple practical moves that you adopt. It also comes down to mindset but that is another subject for discussion.

The Simplest Productivity Hack You Can Use In Your Everyday Life

Are you ready? It’s pretty simple and very basic.

What I always carry with me wherever I go, is my mobile phone, a mini-notebook, and a pen.

Now I know, you must be thinking, this guy is crazy or drunk.

Right, I get it, what a phone and a notebook has to do with productivity?

It has. A lot. It’s all about recording.

And that is the simplest productivity hack I can give you, recording, and now I will analyze why.

You want to accomplish more in a certain timeframe. You want to be more productive by performing better at your work. You want to get faster at what you do.

In order to accomplish all that, you need to be active wherever you go.

I don’t mean you have to be working while not being at work, but there are some things, events, thoughts, scenes, you should not miss recording them.


Why not miss recording them? 

Because these recordings will help you at moments of procrastination, at moments where you don’t know what to do, when your list of to-do things and priorities is empty. When you want to scale your business but you don’t know how to proceed.

When you want to create something new, when you want to approach a new client, anything at all.

What I Record

I am an entrepreneur and marketer. Most of my work is providing marketing services and working on my sites, sites of clients, and various online properties, apps, and other websites and networks.

When I’m not at my office and that is happening many times during a given day, I record ideas, I take photos or videos, I note down something.

This can happen when I drive my kids at school and when I get them back home.

When I drive them to sports and other activities, like a music lesson, to visit their aunt or a friend, and so on.

When I am eating.

When I am waiting for my coffee order to take it away in my car.

When I’m driving.

When I’m at the lobby of a hotel waiting for others or for my room to get cleaned.

There are moments, you’ll find plenty of them.

If I’m not very tired, my mind is always looking for new stuff and I observe things around me.


A new idea flashes: I will create this exact email campaign for client X next week. I note it down.

I observe something beautiful when I’m walking. I take off my phone and there you have it, a photograph.

What a photograph can do?

A lot of things. For example, it might remind me of something I have to take care of, it might be used for a client’s website.

What I’m Doing With These Recordings

There are times that I get stuck. I don’t know what to do at given moments.

I take a look at my notes. 

Oh, I see, I can create this email campaign I was thinking of the other day for client P.

Or I will read an interesting headline I noted down to create a new piece of digital content for a blog.

Final Thoughts

Embrace recording and you’ll see yourself changed. 

Don’t underestimate the power of this one little habit. 

It can transform you into a business monster.

What do you think? Are you recording moments like me? What is your best productivity hack? I’m waiting for your comments and thoughts.