I once was asked ” What is really good about being an entrepreneur?”

I said ” It’s not just one thing, it’s way more than that”

It all started out at a wedding party not long ago. I was a guest and with a friend of mine, we shared a table with others. At some point, we were discussing altogether and the topic was ” Businesses”. Giant companies, economic empires, the rise of the internet, cartels, and even corrupted governments. 

Then, one said ” I really don’t get it. How many of you are entrepreneurs here? Is any of you a giant like the ones who talked about or planning to be one?”

What? someone replied. Is that a joke? 

Come on, a lady replied. I work for others like you do, but still, I can’t understand this question. Are you trying to make a point?

The man that asked the controversial question was smiling, maybe he was enjoying the tense atmosphere.

He said ” All I know, is chasing my wife’s dream got me in debt. Now, we both have to work for the rest of our lives to get our money back. You see, our business projects all fell apart”

The lady agreed with a nod. ” But you can’t blame others for that” she added, smiling now.

” I don’t blame you, but my point is…you risk everything for what? A piece of the pie? You’ll never be like those guys. Stop pretending that it’s a lifestyle, a dream, and stuff. For me, it’s an illusion”

Now everyone’s was talking to someone about this new subject, and finally, I decided to express my opinion.

” I believe you made a terrible mistake”, I said. ” You shouldn’t abandon your wife’s dream”

” But now I feel free, I have peace of mind”, he responded.

” I feel this way too”, I said. 

And this is when he asked the question ” What is really good about being an entrepreneur? Why are you doing this? And how can you be free?”

What Is Good About Being An Entrepreneur

#1 Freedom

OK, you may think I am not free because I am responsible for a lot of things, and yes, sometimes there are urgent situations that I can’t avoid. But my spirit is free. I am free to do whatever I want, and most of the times, whenever I want. As an employee, you don’t have that privilege. If I discover a new strategy, technique, or tactic, I simply apply it to my business. An employee has to get permission. I can take any decision right away, without having to ask anyone. If I make a mistake, I learn from it and move forward.

You see, I once worked at a bank at my early 20’s. Do you know for how many days? Just 3. I was feeling imprisoned. It was like a hook in my neck. It was a test before I decide which route to take. And I never regretted it.

#2 Opens Your Mind

Due to the experimental nature of any business, I have to try new things all the time. Nothing stays the same. If a strategy worked for some time, that does not mean it will work for years to come.

This opens my mind to new solutions, new angles for product development, to create new services. And the list goes on.

 On the other hand, employees are not that active, as they do not seek better solutions in their working environment. Only when they asked to do so.

#3 Constant Improvement

This is tied to the previous statement. If you don’t improve, new businesses and startups will take your place. If you don’t improve, and you always stay the same, your customers will get bored, and they will seek other products, services, and brands. You need to be on alert and always try new things.

#4 Better Decision Maker

All entrepreneurs fail all the time. Even every day. That is why they learn from their mistakes. Not all of them, but the majority does. And this is when you become better at making decisions. Your personality becomes competitive and you are able to look at the future with confidence and optimism.

#5 Learning Never Stops

If you don’t study, you can’t improve. Serious entrepreneurs devote a part of their time in learning new things. I study all the time. Marketing, business, advertising, and anything related. This way, your mind stays active and that is a sign of health.

The moment you stop learning, your business starts dying.

#6 Confidence

This is inevitable for those that continue to chase their dreams. In the beginning, it’s risky, there are failures and stress. But as your entrepreneurial mind grows you become confident and you move forward without interruptions. 

A confident person deals with big problems easier than those who are afraid and stressed.

#7 A Legacy For My Kids

This is personal and may not apply to every entrepreneur out there. But when I became a father, everything changed. I had more reasons to improve and to expand. And it’s not only for securing their future. And it’s not about having my kids forced to continue my projects when they grow. It’s about teaching them this Free Spirit, the constant learning culture, that I want them to apply in their lives. They are free to choose their own direction, but their personality traits will be forever cultivated by me. I was influenced too by my father who had a dream and started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 12 as he was forced to bring money on the table. His family was a very poor one, back in the 1950s, just like the most of families in Europe, after the 2nd world war.

#8 The “Lifestyle”

And yes, it’s the lifestyle that I enjoy most of all. This constant movement forward, the free spirit, doing what I want when I want, is what makes me happy. Is what gives me inner power. 

Working hard at something you don’t love, is stress.

When you work at something you love, is art. 

You gotta live it in order to understand it fully. 


I feel blessed for being an entrepreneur for those reasons and maybe more.

Are you an entrepreneur? I’d like to discuss it with you. You aren’t one? I want to discuss it with you too.